Welcome to the 1st Meeting of MIFP members, March 16-20, 2011 - Castelli Romani (Italy)

March 16-20, 2011 - Marino (Roma), Italy

The 1st MIFP March Meeting

The MIFP Meeting - the members of Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics are meeting in Italy.

The March meeting is a main scientific forum of the Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics. Every Member of the Institute is given an opportunity to present their recent research results at the event. Moreover, several invited talks and a significant number of contributed talks by the speakers from outside MIFP will be included in the program. There is no restriction on topic of these presentations, once it is related to physics. Selection of the contributed talks will be assured by the Scientific Council of MIFP.

The meeting will take place in a relaxing atmosphere of the famous Helio Cabala Grand Hotel in Castelli Romani, next to the villa of Sofia Loren. Lunches and dinners, as well as the welcome coctail and the Social dinner of MIFP will be free of charge for the registered participants. Early registration is essential as the number of rooms in Helio Cabala is limited.

Castelli Romani

Italy means something different to every tourist. Pizza, ruins, great works of art, hot beaches, handsome youths, good wine... The country is an obliging one, and few visitors leave disappointed. If you're looking for one aspect of Italy, you'll find it served on plate, even richer than you expected. And if you are open and receptive, the chances are you'll find much more than you dreamed of.

The Roman Castles are located in the Colli Albani/Alban Hills just south of Roma. The area has been a refuge for wealthy Romans since the Middle Ages. Not much has changed, as today this is where wealthy Romans come to escape the city on weekends and holidays. The area is littered with castles, villas, palazzi and refreshing easy towns to tour.

There are 13 towns in the Castelli Romani or Roman Castles (Frascati, Grottaferrata, Castel Gandolfo, Marino, Rocca di Papa, Ariccia, Nemi, Monteporizio Catone, Colonna, Albano Laziale, Genzano, Montecompatri and Rocca Priora). This is a perfect area to have a good dinner or lunch, to start or end a trip (as they are relatively close to the Champino airport).
For the Roman emperor and the wealthy cardinals in the heyday of the Renaissance, the Castelli Romani exerted a powerful lure, and they still do.

Marino, the closest to Rome (only 24km/15 miles away), is about 7km (4 1/3 miles) off Via Appia Nuova, quite near Ciampino Airport. In the middle ages Marino used to be a stronghold of the Prince Colonna family which actively participated in the conquest of the Holy Land. Nowadays, near the pictoresque ruinds of the Colonna castle the visitors may find tens "Cantinas" where the local white wine is offered for a remarkably sheep price. During the wine-feasts the fountains of Marino are full of wine. During the whole year a glass of light and cold local white wine can be purchased at virtually every corner of the town.

The Roman kitchen is both simple and fantastic delicate. Nice pastas like spaghetti al vongole (small scallops), roasted baby porc, thin stone-oven baked pizzas with real mozarella and local ham, roasted lam chops, grilled swordfish, and and and...

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