Social Dinner

Social Dinner will be held in one of the most famous restaurant in Chengdu.

social dinner restaurant

social dinner restaurant


Panda base

Covering an area of 760 acres, Dujiangyan Panda Base is aimed to improve the panda’s living condition and ecological protection. At present, there are more than 30 giant pandas and 5 red pandas living here.


Qingcheng Mountain

Located at the southwest of Chengdu, and is 68km east of Chengdu city center, Mount Qingcheng is one of the four famous Taoist mountains in China. Together with Dujiangyan Irrigation System, it’s listed as World Heritage Site in 2000. Mount Qingcheng has enjoyed a reputation of Serenest Mountain under Heave since ancient time. The whole mountain is covered with evergreen forest all year round, and thus it gets this name “Qingcheng” mountain, which literally translated as “mountain of green”.

Most historical and cultural relics are located in Front Mountain, including Jianfu Palace, Tianshi Celestial Cave, Shangqing Palace, etc.

Top of Qingcheng Mountain

Mount Qingcheng is also a famous Taoist mountain for it’s one of the cradles of Chinese Taoism. The founder of Taoism – Zhao Daoling thought the tranquil and serene natural scenery of Mount Qingcheng was suitable for the development and prosperity of Taoism, thus, Mount Qingcheng had been listed as the “fifth Taoist fairyland” in China. Over a dozen of Taoist temples were built according to the topographical features of the mountain with the Tianshi Celestial Cave as their center. Mount Qingcheng has a great historical and artistic value in researching the Taosim philosophy of China.


Qingcheng Mountain Tourist map
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