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Suzdal is a small city, but it is superior to many major tourist centers for number of architectural monuments per square meter (there are about 20 monuments per square kilometer). Participants will visit two of the most ancient and exciting places.

Museum of wooden architecture

The Museum of wooden architecture is a whole open-air Museum complex, where unique religious and residential wooden buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries are presented. It gives a view about the life of Russian people of the past centuries where reproduced the situation of houses, the owners of which belonged to different layers of the peasantry.

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Suzdal wooden museum
Suzdal Kremlin

Suzdal Kremlin

Suzdal Kremlin is the heart of the city and its main attraction established in X century. At the turn of the XI—XII centuries there was built a fortress with a ring of earthen ramparts length of 1400 m. On the ramparts towered log walls and towers. The Kremlin housed the court of the Prince and the court of the Bishop with the city Cathedral, also lived the Prince's squad and numerous entourage of the Prince and Bishop. The Kremlin has preserved the earthen ramparts and ditches of the ancient fortress, several churches and the ensemble of the Bishop's court with the ancient Nativity Cathedral.

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International Conference on Physics of Light-Matter Coupling in Nanostructures®
July 2-6, 2019 | Moscow & Suzdal - Russia